Personal Training

Fitness Goals

Let Band Aid be the source for all of your fitness needs. Let us take the stress of getting fit out of your equation by signing-up with a vetted and certified personal trainer! As a nonprofit organization that has partnered with highly qualified trainers to advocate health, nutrition and fitness, our goal is to help find your wealth in your health. 

Our trainers come door to door with services that include, but are not limited to:

  • Personal training
  • Boxing
  • Yoga
  • Boot camp

Here at Band Aid, we understand the rigors of joining a gym and the time it takes out of your schedule. Our goal is to make fitness convenient and accessible for all. Our team of professionals enjoy what they do and are here to empower, support and celebrate your fitness accomplishments. Find the perfect personal trainer near you based on your goals, personality, lifestyle and your body.

Personal training packages

Please feel free to call us to schedule your appointment. OR IF YOU ARE LOOKING FOR MORE EXTENSIVE OPTIONS at (305) 912-5357

Not Seeking Cookie-Cutter Packages?

 One-size-fits-all not your style? Need something customized and tailored to you? 

Get in touch and let's put something together that meets your goals and needs.

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